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Due to the dangers associated with drinking and driving, the State of Maryland has passed a number of statutes regarding driving under the influence (DUI). Considered a serious criminal offense, those convicted of DUI could expect a number of penalties, including fines and a suspended driver's license. While this information may sound intimidating, it is important to remember that you have not yet been convicted, and fighting your drunk-driving charge is certainly possible with a qualified DUI defense attorney on your side.

Maryland, like all other states, has set the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit at .08% for adults over the age of 21. Underage drivers, on the other hand, may be charged with a BAC of .02% or higher because of the state's Zero Tolerance policy.

In an effort to compel drivers to submit to a chemical test, Maryland's Implied Consent law makes it a crime for individuals suspected of drunk driving to refuse an officer's request to take the breathalyzer. A breathalyzer refusal will not only result in DUI charges (if the officer has other evidence of intoxication, such as a failing score on the field sobriety tests) but an automatic suspension of your license for 120 days.

The sentence for a Maryland DUI conviction depends on several factors, such as your prior criminal history. Generally speaking, those convicted of drunk driving could expect large fines, community service, and a suspended license. While Maryland courts do not impose higher penalties on those with an excessive BAC (such as .15% of higher), the judge that handles the administrative license suspension could order the installation of an interlock device in your vehicle if your BAC was above this amount.

Those convicted of drunk driving could also face unexpected repercussions in their personal lives. For example, your DUI will be reported on your criminal record, which is publically accessible. This can cause problems when applying for employment, especially if a company requires a clean background before extending job offers. In addition, you could also face increased insurance premiums once your auto insurer discovers your conviction.

Don't simply plead guilty to a DUI charge without first speaking to an attorney. With an emphasis on DUI Defense, The Law Offices of Robinson & Associates have helped a number of Maryland residents successfully beat their charges--even when they thought doing so wasn't possible.

Call Robinson & Associates at 1-877-472-0791 if you have any questions about DUI in Maryland. The Maryland DUI Fact Book also contains useful information that could help you, so download your free digital copy today.

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