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A driving under the influence (DUI) charge is stressful on its own, but when it's combined with causing the death of another party, this can increase the emotions you are experiencing at this difficult time. Unfortunately, even if you didn't intend to take the life of another person in a vehicle collision, you could suffer the consequences if convicted of causing a fatality while you were intoxicated. This is a serious matter that requires aggressive representation, so immediately speaking with a DUI defense lawyer is in your best interest.

The State of Maryland takes drinking and driving seriously, and this is certainly reflected in the punishment for a DUI conviction; however, those charged with killing another person while intoxicated face an even harsher sentence. The potential penalties for a DUI involving a fatality include prison time, thousands of dollars in penalties, and the revocation of your driving privileges.

Many involuntary manslaughter charges are considered a felony offense, which could come back to haunt you if convicted. As a convicted felon, you may be barred from working in government or education and your right to vote and own a gun can also be taken away. Even actions you take for granted now--such as applying for a loan or to rent an apartment--can become much more difficult with a felony involuntary manslaughter offense on your criminal record.

In addition to criminal penalties, you could also be subject to civil penalties if the victim's family takes you to court to recover damages for their loved one's wrongful death. Awards for wrongful death cases can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it's worth it to fight your DUI accusation to avoid a judgment against you in civil court.

These consequences are certainly intimidating, but an arrest doesn't automatically equal a conviction. At The Law Offices of Robinson & Associates, we are dedicated to helping those accused of serious criminal offense, such as DUI. Our lawyers understand the facts that the prosecution must prove in order to secure a guilty verdict, and we will investigate your case to find evidence to challenge. Because we aren't content to rely on the arresting officer's police report, we will examine the circumstances of your accident and work with experts to defend your case.

Call 1-877-472-0791 to get in touch with Bruce Robinson 24/7 and ask any questions you have regarding DUI in Maryland. You may also download a free copy of The Maryland DUI Fact Book, which contains information about Maryland DUI that you may find useful.

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